Branded Avatars for your app

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Smart Avatars is a free API to generate unlimited custom-branded user avatars for your app.

Branded User Avatars

Unique Features

Whether it's emoji 😝 support or custom Google Fonts you desire, Smart Avatars has a wide range of customization options for your user avatars.

  • Privacy First

    No usage tracking. No information is stored. Only the final images are cached.

  • Google Fonts

    Want to use Google Fonts in your branded avatars? All Google Fonts are supported. See the list of supported google fonts here.

  • Emoji support (SVG only)

    Simply pass in the emoji in the URL and get a branded avatar containing the emoji back.

  • Blazing Fast

    Superior speeds under 50ms. Adds no overload to your app.

  • Background Gradients

    Want fancy gradient backgrounds for your branded avatars? Choose from horizontal or vertical gradients upto 2 colors and any rotation.

  • SVG or PNG

    Whether you require a vector format such as SVG or a raster format such as PNG, have no worries. Smart Avatars supports both.


“I wanted a modern, capable, branded avatar generator with a simple-to-use API, and it did not exist. That's why I built Smart Avatars.”

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